Dunnas is a premium lifestyle fashion company manufacturing in both Italy and Brazil. Dunnas is committed to producing high quality swimwear and premium leather handbags, ipad and galaxy covers, ballerinas, and eyewear. The fantastic products are unrivalled as far as quality is concerned.

Dunnas is committed to developing trends that have a long lasting impact in the market. The fashion company focuses on design, quality and details that will be loved for ages by customers. Dunnas ensures that each of its products meets what they focus on as a way of ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products.

Francesca Magnani, Head of Design and Stylist, states: “We don’t chase trends that go away quickly. Speed often hampers creative ideas. In Dunnas we focus on design, quality and details that will be loved for ages; that is our philosophy. Dunnas will be always proactive with regard to challenging and asserting ourselves. We provide high quality and fashionable products for women from around the world.”

Dunnas is the ideal place for those looking for quality and fashionable products.

Dunnas è un brand che sprigiona stile, energia e sensualità. Nato dall’incontro di mani esperte nella realizzazione di splendidi prodotti e con il genio di una designer sempre al passo con stili , tendenze e ricerca di nuove ed eleganti linee che esaltino il corpo femminile rendendolo sensuale e ricercato ma allo stesso tempo fresco e attuale. Ogni donna è diversa e Dunnas è un prodotto adatto a qualsiasi donna, attenta ai dettagli ,elegante e sensuale che voglia assaporare le suggestioni e i colori delle spiagge più belle del mondo.

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